The teen age is considered to be a very sensitive phase of a child’s life.

It is often believed that this phase is the reflection of the future life of a child. Parents are in the dilemma whether to be friends with their children or be their mentor, but children mostly in this phase are unable to accept them as any. Concern of the parents is often resulting in disagreements in every conversation. The kids undergoing their teen age often create certain negative beliefs about their parents or society and insist on writing and following their own rules. Though there is nothing wrong in creating your own sets of rules, rather it is a very thoughtful act if these new beliefs and values are created with total responsibility and after evaluating its outcomes. Through this program these young minds will be given a direction to think and turn themselves into EmoWarriorsTM.

||  Self-Realisation

||  Anxiety

||  Practical Skills

||  Stress

||  Empathy

||  Emotional

Level I - Yellow Band

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 2700 + GST

Level II - Green Band

awareness and evaluation of social skills

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 2700 + GST

Level III - Blue Band

evaluation and creation

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 2700 + GST

Level IV - Red Band

creating and monitoring

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 2700 + GST


(14 - 17 YRS)

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 2700 + GST for Each Level

Key Features Of The Course

key features of the course

Key Features Of The Course

Emotional Awareness

Resilient thoughts

Anger Management

Stress Management

Leadership Skills


Effective Communication


21st Century Life skills

Financial Planning


Coping fear of failure

High Self-esteem

Growth mindset

Goal oriented

Self- discipline




Words By EmoWarriorsTM

Words By


Why Choose Striplings?

Teen of the 21st century is not only facing the common teenage problems but also the problems of this digital era. On one hand they have all the information present under this universe while their other part is burdened with stress, anxiety, academic problems, peer pressure, uncertainty of mind, social media, bullying, depression, online threats, lack of enthusiasm etc. It gets difficult for the teenagers to identify, understand and handle different emotions and they are falling into different traps due to their unmanaged emotions.

At YoMindz, we are aware of a child’s emotions and thought process at every stage of life. Our exclusively designed curriculum, after extensive research and studies, and counselling sessions with Industry Experts will help them build a right path for themselves and strike a balance between EQ and IQ.

Take-Away From The Course

Know The Industry Experts


(14 - 17 YRS)

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 2700 + GST for Each Level

We are Different...

Courses are designed to cater needs of an individual  |  No Boring Lectures  |  Guidance from Industry Experts

Personal Counselling Sessions  |  Building Practical Skills  |  Skills To Cope with Real-Life Problems

Improves Adaptability  |  LIVE sessions through animated videos, worksheets, activities & lots of discussion

10 minutes of mindfulness (guided) in every session

Primary FAQ's

Children with high emotional intelligence can maintain a positive and growth mindset. They will score not just higher grades in academics but could also maintain good relationship with people around them. The child will become self-regulated, goal oriented, emotionally balanced and will show traits of a great leader with decision making skills.

A personality development program focus only on the outer appearance of the child which mainly includes communication skills. Whereas New code Emotional intelligence program focus and work at the level of mind, emotions, and behavior. It will enhance the social skills of the child. It will help the child to create stable, balanced, positive, and creative mindset.

The session is designed in such a way that it will be a learning through videos, fun activities and refreshment exercises and there will be no homework which can create extra burden on the child.

Like all other emotions anger is also an emotion. New code Emotional Intelligence program helps the child to recognize initial stages of anger and understand why this emotion has occurred. The child will be able to identify both positive and negative side of any emotion and will be able to manage such emotion on their own.

New code emotional intelligence program will help the child to recognize the reasons behind any particular emotions including stress and depression. They will be made aware to understand their habit patterns which causes such emotions and will also learn to break such patterns.

Each level has its own value and depth of understanding. The levels have been designed as such to understand, remember, apply, evaluate, and recreate your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it is advisable to complete all the levels to have a deeper understanding and application of the process. However, if a child takes up only level I or completes till level II also, there will also be a sea change in the attitude of the child.

New code emotional intelligence program will be a LIVE session.

Each session will have practical activities to be done by the participant and after regular intervals there shall be practical sessions as well.