During these tender years the mind of the children is open to grasp whatever comes to it.

The subconscious mind is all ready to create its new beliefs and values, therefore it is very important to give these young minds, the appropriate direction to think and turn each one of them into EmoWarriorsTM.

||  Self-Realization

||  Emotional Awareness

||  Empathy

||  Stress

||  Practical Skills

||  Anxiety

Level I - Yellow Band

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST

Level II - Green Band

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST


(7 - 10 YRS)

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST for Each Level

Key Features Of The Course

Resilient thoughts

Emotional Awareness



21st Century Life skills


Anger Management


Powerful Communication

Financial Planning

Lower Anxiety

Words By EmoWarriorsTM

Words By

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Why Choose Younglings?

The mind of the child is fragile, their emotions touch their future and our words shape their destiny. At YoMindz, we are aware of a child’s emotions and thought process at every stage of life. Our exclusively designed curriculum, after extensive research and studies, and counselling sessions with Industry Experts will help them build a right path for themselves and strike a balance between EQ and IQ.

Take-Away From The Course

Know The Industry Experts


(7 - 10 YRS)

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST for Each Level

We are Different...

Courses are designed to cater needs of an individual  |  No Boring Lectures  |  Guidance from Industry Experts  |  

Personal Counselling Sessions  |  Building Practical Skills  |  Skills To Cope with Real-Life Problems  |

Improves Adaptability  |  LIVE sessions through animated videos, worksheets, activities & lots of discussion  |

  10 minutes of mindfulness (guided) in every session

Primary FAQ's

New code emotional intelligence program will be a LIVE session.

The sessions will be online through virtual platform like Zoom, so child needs a laptop/phone/tab and a high-speed internet connection.

New code emotional intelligence program is specifically designed for the age group of 8-17 but you can download the free worksheets from our website for your child.

Although the session is designed in English language, but the words used are easy to understand. The trainers are well versed with English as well as Hindi, therefore language communication will not be a barrier and also the child will have an added advantage of gradually getting comfortable with English language as well.

New Code Emotional intelligence allows the child to understand and manage their thoughts, emotions, and habit patterns. It will guide the EmoWarriorTM to realize their true potential, keep them motivated and create positive social interactions. The benefit of this program is lifelong in regard to personal, academic, and professional success.

This program will help the child to understand their preferred mode of learning and retaining which could be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. It will result into increased focus, determination, better clarity of purpose, resiliency, persistence, and communicative abilities which will work as the elevator of success in studies as well as in future life.

The session is designed in such a way that it will be a learning through videos, fun activities and refreshment exercises and there will be no homework which can create extra burden on the child.

The foremost issue of the present days kids is their unawareness about their response to any given situation. One of the key roles of EI is to enable a child to respond to their daily situations. It is important to start educating our children about emotional intelligence at an early age when Subconscious is more active and the ability to gather information is better and fresh, which will help the child to be more responsible and able to respond effectively.