At the pre-teen or early teen age, the young minds are very curious to explore the world.

They want to try out different things. But often this creativity is called a rebel by the parents. The problem with this age group is difficulty in expressing their emotions or expressing it incorrectly, which can result in misunderstanding with parents & peer groups. Which can further lead to irritation, frustration, anger & rage or stress, anxiety, isolation & depression. Our young minds need tools to manage themselves and their connection with the world.

||  Emotional

||  Self-Realisation

||  Self-Regulation

||  Self-Regulation

||  Stress

||  Empathy

||  Self-

Level I - Yellow Band

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST

Level II - Green Band

self regulation

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST

Level III - Blue Band

evaluation and creation

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST


(11 - 13 YRS)

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST for Each Level

Key Features Of The Course

key features of the course

Key Features Of The Course

Emotional Awareness

Resilient thoughts

Anger Management

Stress Management

Leadership Skills


Effective Communication


21st Century Life skills

Financial Planning

High Self-esteem

Growth mindset

Goal oriented

Self- discipline



Coping fear of failure

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The pre-teen mind goes through one of the toughest times of life. They try to move from being very close to their parents to wanting to be independent but they still need a lot of help from their parents. This age experiences not just the physical changes but the emotional as well. This emotional change shapes up their coming life. At YoMindz, we are aware of a child’s emotions and thought process at every stage of life. Our exclusively designed curriculum, after extensive research and studies, and counselling sessions with Industry Experts will help them build a right path for themselves and strike a balance between EQ and IQ.

Take-Away From The Course

Know The Industry Experts


(11 - 13 YRS)

Rs. 10800 + GST   Rs. 4320 + GST for Each Level

We are Different...

Courses are designed to cater needs of an individual  |  No Boring Lectures  |  Guidance from Industry Experts  |  

Personal Counselling Sessions  |  Building Practical Skills  |  Skills To Cope with Real-Life Problems  |

Improves Adaptability  |  LIVE sessions through animated videos, worksheets, activities & lots of discussion  |

  10 minutes of mindfulness (guided) in every session

Primary FAQ's

New code emotional intelligence program will be a LIVE session.

Each session will have practical activities to be done by the participant and after regular intervals there shall be practical sessions as well.

New code emotional intelligence program is a uniquely designed program where we have specifically focused to prepare and create a strong foundation at level 1 which gets more deeper at Level 2. Therefore, its important and mandatory to start from level 1.

Although the session is designed in English language, but the words used are easy to understand. The trainers are well versed with English as well as Hindi, therefore language communication will not be a barrier and also the child will have an added advantage of gradually getting comfortable with English language as well.

This program will help the child to understand their preferred mode of learning and retaining which could be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. It will result into increased focus, determination, better clarity of purpose, resiliency, persistence, and communicative abilities which will work as the elevator of success in studies as well as in future life.

A child with high Emotional intelligence exactly knows how to manage their common and uncommon emotions like Anger, jealousy, sadness, anxiety, fear, happiness, rage, disappointment, disgust, irritation or frustration etc. which will help the child to stay positive in challenging situations, accept the change, improve their weakness and know their strengths, avoid the not required comparison, able to deal with difficult people, decide with a broader perspective and know how to manage the stress and stressful situations, which will be lesser taught in academics and the regular curriculum.

The session is designed in such a way that it will be a learning through videos, fun activities and refreshment exercises and there will be no homework which can create extra burden on the child.

Like all other emotions anger is also an emotion. New code Emotional Intelligence program helps the child to recognize initial stages of anger and understand why this emotion has occurred. The child will be able to identify both positive and negative side of any emotion and will be able to manage such emotion on their own.