About Founders

Bhawna Chopra Rustagi

Bhawna Chopra Rustagi

Bhawna Chopra Rustagi also popular as Bhawna Chopra, started her journey as an advocate in the year 2007 in High Court of Delhi. She got the exposure to meet different people with different mindset while resolving the legal issues and providing personal counseling to them. She soon realized that the solution to the problem is beyond the legal guidance in many of the cases. Despite being Master’s in Law, she acquired the certification in Neuro Linguistic Programing. She is also working as the Relationship Counsellor and is the author of the book ‘Revive your Relationship – settle the turbulence in your marriage’.

She is being an empaneled advocate of Delhi Legal Service Authority, District East, have conducted various programs in East Delhi Govt. Schools, and various colleges on different legal & social issues.

While providing any relationship counseling to any couple or individual, and while conducting the numerous sessions with the school children and even while writing the book, she learned that every case has a childhood history. Based on her experience and also being a mother, she felt the importance of an emotionally strong and balanced child, which pushed her to research on the emotional development of the child through NLP. She along with the help of the other co founders crafted this beautiful program for your children which they name as ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’.

Atul Bharadwaj

Atul Bhardwaj

Atul believes that ‘Training is Transformation’. He firmly believes every individual is unique. Each personality deserves to be successful in their respective lives provided they will get required mentoring, coaching, and training. His role is to help them identify their strengths and live their life as joyful and happy soul.

He is a pharmacy graduate with more than 14 years of Sales corporate experience. But his calling for training and coaching made him leave the corporate career. He holds a Master Diploma Certification in Learning & Development apart from being a certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programing. He is presently pursuing his master’s in philosophy. He has been mentoring the students from last more than 2 years apart from providing the corporate trainings to companies. Many of the employees from companies like VLCC, Cosmetic chains, Ernst & Young, Thomas Cook, Ericsson, Apollo hospitals, BLK Hospital, NIMS, Quest Group of colleges, Khalsa College, Chandigarh Group of Colleges have attended the counseling and training sessions held by Atul.

He is a self-motivated person and his passion for transforming every life made him work on Emotional Intelligence of the children through NLP and together they have created ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ exclusively for children.

Raj Jain

Raj Jain

Raj is science graduate. But his fascination towards the spirituality forced him to conduct his research in spiritualism but based on logics and science. He is helping and working as a spiritual guide to many and helped them in overcoming their superstitions and limiting beliefs. Apart from being an expert in Clinical Hypnosis and various other modalities, he is certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguist Programing. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in nutrition.

He has conducted various workshops on different aspects of life not just in India but abroad as well. With his workshops he has helped and transformed thousands of lives to betterment. With his diverse experience he can say that the root cause of most of our problem lies in our childhood. Considering this thought, he too decided to work on the root cause and joined hands with other co-founders to find and draft the permanent solution for every child. The objective of ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ is to provide overall wellbeing to a child, be it mind or body.