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Primary FAQ

  • Why my child requires New Code Emotional Intelligence?

    New Code Emotional intelligence allows the child to understand and manage their thoughts, emotions, and habit patterns. It will guide the EmoWarriorTM to realize their true potential, keep them motivated and create positive social interactions. The benefit of this program is lifelong in regard to personal, academic, and professional success.

  • How will this program help my child in studies?

    This program will help the child to understand their preferred mode of learning and retaining which could be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. It will result into increased focus, determination, better clarity of purpose, resiliency, persistence, and communicative abilities which will work as the elevator of success in studies as well as in future life.

  • My child is scoring well in exams and also good in extra-curriculum activity, do my child still need this program?

    A child with high Emotional intelligence exactly knows how to manage their common and uncommon emotions like Anger, jealousy, sadness, anxiety, fear, happiness, rage, disappointment, disgust, irritation or frustration etc. which will help the child to stay positive in challenging situations, accept the change, improve their weakness and know their strengths, avoid the not required comparison, able to deal with difficult people, decide with a broader perspective and know how to manage the stress and stressful situations, which will be lesser taught in academics and the regular curriculum.

  • Will my child be able to handle difficult situations like bullying, handling difficult people or situations on his own?

    A child with high EQ can manage a situation in a much better way than any other children. They can regulate their emotions as well as their actions and words. They are aware of the ways to reduce their anxiety and stress and defuse conflicts. They will always have a better response to respond in any particular situation.

  • Why should my child take this extra burden apart from studies?

    The session is designed in such a way that it will be a learning through videos, fun activities and refreshment exercises and there will be no homework which can create extra burden on the child.

  • Why is this course required for young children of 8 years?

    The foremost issue of the present days kids is their unawareness about their response to any given situation. One of the key roles of EI is to enable a child to respond to their daily situations. It is important to start educating our children about emotional intelligence at an early age when Subconscious is more active and the ability to gather information is better and fresh, which will help the child to be more responsible and able to respond effectively.

  • Will my child be able to manage or control his anger after completing the program?
    Like all other emotions anger is also an emotion. New code Emotional Intelligence program helps the child to recognize initial stages of anger and understand why this emotion has occurred. The child will be able to identify both positive and negative side of any emotion and will be able to manage such emotion on their own.
  • My child stress over little things and get depressed. Will this program help?
    New code emotional intelligence program will help the child to recognize the reasons behind any particular emotions including stress and depression. They will be made aware to understand their habit patterns which causes such emotions and will also learn to break such patterns.
  • My child is unable to express the thoughts and is very shy. How can this program help?
    Lack of confidence is the major cause of shyness. It is not always the communication skills which is lacking but the unawareness about the exact emotion running into the mind of the child. Sometimes the children are unable to map their thoughts to express into words and then they are presumed to be shy. New code emotional intelligence program will help the child to recognize, understand and express their thought and emotion in an effective way which will give them confidence to put across their opinions.
  • How this program is different from personality development program?
    A personality development program focus only on the outer appearance of the child which mainly includes communication skills. Whereas New code Emotional intelligence program focus and work at the level of mind, emotions, and behavior. It will enhance the social skills of the child. It will help the child to create stable, balanced, positive, and creative mindset.
  • How will this program add value to my child’s future growth?
    Children with high emotional intelligence can maintain a positive and growth mindset. They will score not just higher grades in academics but could also maintain good relationship with people around them. The child will become self-regulated, goal oriented, emotionally balanced and will show traits of a great leader with decision making skills.
  • What can I expect at the end of this program?
    a. Enhance learning/retention power b. Identification & Expression of Emotions c. Goals Oriented d. Self-Regulated, Leadership Quality & Decision Making e. Confidence & Empowering Beliefs

Other Questions

  • Can my child directly enter level 2?

    New code emotional intelligence program is a uniquely designed program where we have specifically focused to prepare and create a strong foundation at level 1 which gets more deeper at Level 2. Therefore, its important and mandatory to start from level 1.

  • Is it necessary to do all the levels?

    Each level has its own value and depth of understanding. The levels have been designed as such to understand, remember, apply, evaluate, and recreate your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it is advisable to complete all the levels to have a deeper understanding and application of the process. However, if a child takes up only level I or completes till level II also, there will also be a sea change in the attitude of the child.

  • Will it be the recorded sessions or live?

    New code emotional intelligence program will be a LIVE session.

  • Will there be practical sessions too?

    Each session will have practical activities to be done by the participant and after regular intervals there shall be practical sessions as well.

  • What are the requirements for joining the class?

    The sessions will be online through virtual platform like Zoom, so child needs a laptop/phone/tab and a high-speed internet connection.

  • My child is 7 years old. Can she join it?

    New code emotional intelligence program is specifically designed for the age group of 8-17 but you can download the free worksheets from our website for your child.

  • My child does not understand English well, how will he cope up in the session?
    Although the session is designed in English language, but the words used are easy to understand. The trainers are well versed with English as well as Hindi, therefore language communication will not be a barrier and also the child will have an added advantage of gradually getting comfortable with English language as well.
  • Is this program available in regional language also?
    New code emotional intelligence program is available in English language only.