• Panic & Anger Relief Program
  • English
Development courses
Age 8 to 17 Years

Anger is an emotion, but the child should know to handle this emotion gracefully. Most of the times we advise children to control their anger, but the child should be taught to express anger appropriately rather than suppressing it. Managing this powerful emotion is an art which is much needed for the good mental health of the child.

Our Emo-Warrior will learn:
  •  Understand the functioning of brain
  •  How brain creates path for anger
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence
  •  Anger management techniques
  • Strategy of anger
  • Positive Self-talk to check anger
  • Gratitude avoids anger
  • Happiness over anger
  • Forgiveness – key to manage anger
  • Problem solving skill
  • Decision making
  • Better communication skills
  • Better mental and physical health
Rs. 1920 +GST
Rs. 1920 +GST
Rs. 3200 +GST
This course includes:
  • 8 Days
  • 8 LIVE sessions
  • 8 Animations videos
  • 8 Worksheets
  • 8 Activities
  • 8 Mindfulness sessions
Other includes: