• Confidence Building Program
  • English
Development courses
Age 8 to 17 Years

Confidence is an attitude that has a key role in the success of a person. This attitude may come easier to some kids than others. But like any other skill, confidence as a skill can also be raised. This skill is to be developed not just on the superficial level but should be the intrinsic part of the behavior of the child. It gives the feeling of surety to yourself and your abilities.

Our Emo-Warrior will learn:
  • Understand the relation between EQ and IQ
  • Importance of EQ and IQ
  • How our brain functions
  • How negative beliefs hold back confidence
  • How perceptions are formed
  • State of mind can change the state of confidence
  • Intrapersonal Communication skills for confidence
  • Interpersonal Communication skills for confidence
  • Self-development as a result of confidence
  • Goal for confidence building
  • Build confident mindset
  • Know your talents
Rs. 1680 +GST
Rs. 1680 +GST
Rs. 2800 + GST
This course includes:
  • 7 Days
  • 7 LIVE interactive session
  • 7 Animation video
  • 7 Worksheets
  • 7 Activities
  • 7 Mindfulness session
Other includes: