• Types of Abuses, Abuser & Victim Awareness Program
  • English
Development courses
Age 8 to 17 Years

As aware parents, we have empowered our children with the knowledge of sexual abuse and its various types. But do you know a child is prone not just to sexual abuse but physical, emotional, verbal, and many more? Almost every child encounters such abuse in their lifetime. It may be either at home or in school or colony, or anywhere in the world. A child should know the difference between an abuser and a victim. Sometimes even the unintended action of the child can make them also an abuser.

Our Emo-Warrior will learn:
  • Different types of abuses
  • How these abuses are categorized as a crime
  • What are the punishments for these abuses?
  • Who could be the abuser?
  • Difference between an abuser and a victim
  • Evaluate their own actions
  • How a child can unknowingly turn into an abuser
  • Who can be the help at the time of abuse?
  • Do’s & Don’ts for everyday
Rs. 240 +GST
Rs. 240 +GST
Rs. 400 + GST
This course includes:
  • 1 Day
  • 1 LIVE interactive session
  • 1 Animation video
  • 1 Worksheet-cum-Activity
  • 1 Mindfulness session
Other includes: